Wednesday, November 22, 2006


So, good thing about a big 'ol house built in the 1940s - a radiator in every room. Or, if you live in Pittsburgh, you say a "rad-e-ator." You put your PJs on top of the one in your bedroom so that at night they're nice and toasty for you. The best is the bathroom radiator: put your clothes on top of it while you're in the shower and they're the perfect temperature when you get out.

Not so good thing about a big 'ol house built in the 1940s - the cute built-in toilet paper holder in the bathroom wall was made for a regular roll of toliet paper. Not double or triple rolls like the have now. Try one of those rolls and the sucker gets stuck in the wall. Oops.

Fabulous factoid about a big 'ol house built in the 1940s - a super secret hidden staircase between the first and second floor. So good for scaring the crap out of your cousins while playing hide 'n seek as a kid.

Great holiday memory: having a meatball eating contest with your cousins. I ate 7! My brother ate 9 but then another cousin shoved 11 in his pastahole so he was the winner. Good times. Good times. Got one??

Baby Update: My brother and sil actually chose an "American" name for my nephew after all the hoopla about wanting an Italian or Spanish name. I'm actually kind of glad - now he won't get made fun of in school. My brother and I were called "Tobasco" for years growing up due to our last name. Not really a big deal, but when you're 8 it kinda is. So, the baby's name is...Lucas Anthony! They plan to call him Lucas, not Luke. Anthony is my dad's name. Thanks for all the name suggestions!


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