Monday, December 18, 2006

Give Me Back That Kidney!!

Two best buddies; one in New York, one in Florida. NY guy promises FL guy his kidney should he kick.

NY guy dies and his window says she wants his kidneys sent to FL guy who was on the kidney transplant list. ONE kidney is sent to FL guy which should have been enough, but it turned out to be too damaged to be transplantable. Uh oh.

Widow and FL guy ask for second kidney. NY hospital paper pushers refuse. They say NY guy is dead and therefore, as a corpse, has no value. (Wow, that's harsh!) He apparently had no right to promise his friend a kidney. So say they. Why then was it OK to give FL guy one kidney? Did the NY hospital know it was damaged and wouldn't be of any use? Because they're pretty much contradicting themselves now by saying he can't have the other one only because NY guy had no right to promise it to him. If that's true, why did they give him the first one?? Get your story straight, asshats!

The second kidney was indeed given to someone else. FL guy was moved to the top of the organ donor network list but a match was not found before he died at age 55.

Before dying, FL guy filed a federal lawsuit against the donor network claiming they misappropriated his freind's other kidney. FL guy died in 2002; the lawsuit is still pending.

I know there is a shortage of organs needed for transplanting; it's why I'm an organ donor. It's incomprehensible to me to think that if I had a friend in need I couldn't specify that he or she would get my organ. Maybe I'm a little Darwinian, but as long as someone is on the transplant list, if they have someone who is willing to give them an organ, I think it should be allowed. You?


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