Wednesday, December 13, 2006

O Christmas Tree

O Christmas Tree, how I mourn thee...
You were so pretty. I got to enjoy you for a whole week!

Gee, it's just not Christmas until something gets broken.

4 Sale Cheap, VERY cheap - two obese, grumpy, very bad cats. Will break everything in your house for free.

So, that's it for the tree this year. I salvaged the ornaments that I could and put them away. I wrapped up the ribbon, threw away all the broken ornaments, and swept up this mess. Stick a fork in me, I'm done. No more Christmas tree - I've had it; it's going back in the box until next year, or, I don't know, fucking never ever again to be seen. If you would like to see an adorable well-behaved sweetheart of a kitty, go to Carmen's blog and check out Pooh and his Christmas tree - with not an ornament out of place!

I would like to conclude today's program with a picture of my angel - my best boy Sampson who has never destroyed anything - ever! I gave him permission to eat the kitties this morning but he found this stocking (which I gave him, he wouldn't dream of just taking it!) much more enjoyable. The good one.


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