Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Poop Week

As I know you're all aware - I'm too nice. Grinch-sized heart aside, I'm quite a good gal. So when my neighbor that I've known all of 4 months asked me to watch her 2 dogs, Cujo and Poopsalot, I said, "Sure, no problemo."

What else could I have said?? She had just asked me if I was going to be in town for Christmas. I thought she was making neighborly small talk - ha, she really screwed me. When I said we would be staying home, she stuck the knife in. How could I have said no then? And, for a WHOLE WEEK.

So Cujo is a beautiful Golden Retriever who is apparently the only attack Golden Retriever known to man. HATES other dogs and is not so fond of humans in general. She's actually bit a child, although not one of theirs, so I guess that's why they keep her. They close her up in a room or the garage if their kids have friends over, though. If you have to do that, it's probably a clue she shouldn't be around kids. They have an electric fence which she's run through twice in the past couple of months in order to attack dogs walking by.

Then we have Ms. Poopsalot, the Shih Tzu. I like most dogs, really I do. Her? Not so much. Not after cleaning up piles of poop, pee, and - wait for it - diarrhea on the dining room Oriental carpet. WTH? I have let the little crapper out at least 4 times a day. She's freakin' 13 years old, how can she not know outside is for pooping and inside is so not for pooping?

And the neighbor lady? So knew I'd be doing a lot of cleaning. Why else would she oh so casually mention the location of the cleaning supplies in her house? I cannot believe anyone would ask an acquaintance to watch two problem dogs for an entire week.

I think I have such a problem with this because this is the neighbor who totally bailed on us the one time we asked her to let our dog out. We had to be at a work function of my husband's all day; we asked if they would be home at 5 pm to let Sampson out. They assured us they would. Then they decided to go sightseeing 2 1/2 hours away and didn't get home until 10 pm at which time they called my husband's cell phone and asked if we still wanted them to let Sampson out. Are you kidding me?? So, when we're going away this weekend I have to spend hundreds of dollars for a pet sitter because I sure can't trust her to take care of my animals.

Must go wash my hands for the eleventy-tenth time. Gack


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