Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Read 'em and Weep

I just switched to the now non-beta blogger so if my blog blows up someone please let me know. Not that I'll be able to notify anyone at blogger which I'm sure is just a pseudonym for Asshats Incorporated, our motto is "We don't know shit, we don't care, and good luck trying to contact anyone who supposedly runs this half-assed bloghole."

Last post before Husband and I trek 9 hours to upstate NY for the New Year's Eve in a Box Extravaganza 2006."

I wish I had some witty sarcastic bon mots to leave 2006 with; but alas, I'm still pooped from "Loin Fest 2006." So instead, I'd be thrilled if you would check out some very cool posts from those much hipper than I. Please let them know you stopped by!

Buffy of Plain Simple English: "Her Name was Maroula I Think"

Kim of I wasn't always like this: "Let's All Go Brazilian"

Mr. Fabulous of Pointless Drivel: "Today...You Die"

Irish of Sharks With Frickin' Laser Beams Attached to Their Heads: "Sweet Dreams"

Bluepaintred: "Friendship is Like Peeing Your Pants"

Mir of Woulda Coulda Shoulda: "Lasagna amnesia"

Rayne of Crunchy Bits: "Beads and Shoe Spiders"

Carmen of Gone to Plaid: "Pooh Bear Speaks Out"

Libragirl: "Road Rage 3"

Ps of Just a mother of two: "Dads are always special"

Gypsy of Strange, Dark Gypsy Girl: "Sometimes the grass isn't greener at all"


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