Thursday, December 21, 2006

"Santa, You Must Leave"

Wow, and I though I had no Christmas spirit...

My Grinchy heart can't compare to that of Disney World who just kicked Santa out of their theme park. Apparently, a man named James Worley who bears a striking resemblance to to the real deal created a ruckus there.

His similar appearance to 'ol St. Nick didn't pass notice of the trigajillion kids at Disney World this week. They pointed; they shouted; they passed along wish lists. Mr. Worley took it in stride; it wasn't the first time he'd been mistaken for Santa Claus. Being a good guy and possessing a healthy dose of Christmas spirit, he went along with ruse and told kids, yes, he was Santa.

Well, apparently this pissed off Mickey and Minnie. They were miffed not to be the center of attention and Mr. Worley was asked to spread his Christmas cheer elsewhere. See, Disney managers said he was "confusing" the kids. Uh huh. Because, as they informed Mr. Worley, "Santa was considered a Disney character."

Wha? When did Disney buy Santa? You're telling me that Disney World now owns Santa Claus?? Ludicrous! No one owns Santa! Least of all some power-hungry conglomerate that along with Oprah is trying to take over the world.

Some things are sacred! Disney, you just back on away from Santa; he can't be bought.


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