Sunday, December 03, 2006

Say What?

This weeks Chit Chat for your reading entertainment:

  1. The Bingo Alibi. A man in PA actually blamed his wife's thrice weekly bingo habit as the reason why he repeated sexually assaulted two young girls. "I told her - she was going to bingo three, four times a week. I told her to cut down to once a week." Not surprisingly, the wife said she'd go play bingo everyday if it was available. Gee, you think she wanted to get away from her prize of a husband? Maybe she was hoping one of the bingo prizes would be a new husband.

  2. Bingo Strikes Again. Dang! People are serious about their bingo. Note to self: Don't ever mess with a bingo player. A 61-year-old woman was convicted of selling marijuana in AZ last week in an attempt to fund her bingo habit. She said she was driven to drug running to earn cash for her bingo addiction. Well, she'll have plenty of time to play during the next 3-12 years in prison. I wonder if there is a "Bingo Anonymous" where these people can get help.

  3. Bong Hits 4 Jesus. Woo hoo, take drugs in Jesus's name! Oops sorry, got a little carried away there. A high school senior in Juneau, Alaska was suspended after he displayed his "Bong Hits 4 Jesus" banner when the Olympic torch passed through Juneau in 2002. Hee. Apparently he's appealing on the basis that his free-speech rights were violated. Hmm, what would Jesus say? If only this story could somehow involve bingo...


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