Friday, December 22, 2006

Word of the Year has done a little "Year in review: The wacky and the tacky." They dish on tidbits such as "Trainwreck of the Year" (Anna Nicole Smith - duh), "The Reason Stars have Handlers" (Britney Spears - again, duh), and "The Word of the Year" ("firecrotch").

Whoa little doggie, back it on up! "Firecrotch?" Uh huh. In reference to a drunken monologue against Lindsay Lohan by sleazy rich kid Brandon Davis who slurringly referred to her Vajayjay as a "firecrotch" no less than 20 times to the paparazzi and for no apparent reason. Never one to look a gift ass in the mouth, those camera-clicking strumpets elevated this term to iconic status. Coining this term is perhaps the only positive contribution to society that Brandon "My Dad Gives Me Money, na na" Davis has ever made. It was so needed, apparently, as who knew that we would be forced to view the various crotches of so many commando starlets in just one year?

Personally, I would choose "asshat" as the word of the year, as in, "Mel Gibson is a narcissistic, racist, anti-semitic, vainglorious blowhard asshat of the finest kind." But, that's just me.

So, what's your word of the year?


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