Friday, December 15, 2006

Yes, But Can YOU Paint With Your Butt?

Hee, ha, hoo - I can hardly contain myself! There is a guy named Stan Murmur who lives in my county in VA and he has recently come to national attention. In fact, he was discussed on The View this Wednesday.

Why, you ask? Oh, simple really, he paints with his butt. Yep, uh huh. See example to the left - I actually think that's pretty talented for being painted by an ass - but I do have a penchant for butterflies. He does all sorts of abstracts and flowers and I have to say, they aren't half bad.

Of course, there is a catch. I mean sure, butt-painting is interesting enough on its own, but that's not why Stan has come to national attention. Nope, it's because he's a...wait for it...high school art teacher. Oops. He was just put on paid administrative leave recently after school administrators learned of an online video in which he demonstrates his butt-painting uh, technique, shall we say.

Now, when I first read this I though, oh ick, pervert!! He should be fired, he shouldn't be allowed to be around children, etc. But after going to his website and watching the video - highly entertaining by the way - I'm not so sure.

He does make an effort to hide his identity by using the alias "Stan Murmur" which is not his real name. Also, in the video he wears a Groucho Marx style fake nose-glasses-mustache mask, covers his tattoos with duct tape, and puts a towel on his head to hide his hair. All this along with an extremely unflattering black thong. Yipes! BUT (hee) my point is he's not posting naked pictures of himself - he's never naked as he sits in paint and then goes over to a canvas and scoots around.

He's quite engaging as he explains how it all started in an art class he was taking where the students were told to paint a picture using an object and he choose his ass an object. So, you gotta give him points for creativity, no?

But, I am not a parent so I'm not sure how much it bothers parents to have their children being taught art by a butt-painting teacher. I do think it's a tad inappropriate, but on the other hand, he did try to keep his extracurricular butt activities separate and secret from his work as a teacher.

**UPDATE: 'Cause you asked!! No, there is no brush involved or ah, inserted anywhere. He uses a brush only to put paint on paper, then he sits in that paint to get it onto his butt, then goes to his canvas and "paints" with his ass.

So, YOU be the judge...Here is the link to his site (it's not porn, I promise) where he displays and sells his art. If you'd like to watch the short video, click "Video Clips." Then, please come back here and let me know what you think. Should he be fired from his job as a school teacher?? Does the school even have grounds to fire him?


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