Wednesday, January 03, 2007

All Vets are Extortionists

I usually feed my two cats at 11 a.m. Husband feeds them first at 5:30 a.m. Because they are fat bastards, they are on "diets" and not allowed to just have food in their bowls at all times like most normal cats. They are lucky I still feed them after the "killing of Christmas" incident.

Anyway, way back in October when we gained an hour due to Daylight Savings time, they got all mixed up and have been mewroaring (what? It's a word) and pawing at me beginning at 10 a.m. I refuse to give into their demands, however; and make them wait until I'm good and ready to go stomp up 3 flights of stairs to give them their stupid food. Why is their food on the 3rd floor? Gee, good question. Because apparently the water table (what??) is too high in Richmond for basements (take note, Carmen!) And, I wanted the cats to have a little exercise - the ONLY exercise they get is going up there for their food. My one cat will chase a ball exactly once. Once he has the ball he puts it between his paws and lays on his back to play with it so he doesn't have to move. So strange that he weighs 19 lbs.

Interesting to note that if you are willing to pay an extra $100K you can have a basement like some of my neighbors do. Hmm, in my book we call that "extortion."

This post is not going at all like I had planned. I planned to write about the NY subways because I had some really interesting things to tell you - very unlike this completely boring fat cat post.

I promise to tell you about the subways later, so please don't cross me off your blogroll for this little indiscretion. OK? So, back to the cats. They were on this prescription diet food that had to be purchased from a vet. Something like $38 a bag. Again, the word extortion comes to mind. Anyway, I had had enough - they hadn't lost any weight on this stupid diet food in 5 years!! So, I started buying them a reduced calorie food at Petsmart and guess what?? They didn't gain any weight. The point? All vets are extortionists.


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