Saturday, January 20, 2007

An Eye for an Eye

Quick - if my husband has pink eye (conjunctivitis) does that get us out of going to his boss's party tonight?

I've never had it but heard it was really contagious, so surely he can't be around a lot of people, spreading his eye gunk everywhere, right??

His left eye has been really red on one side for two days so this morning he went to the emergency room. Yep, that's what happens when you move to a new town and don't find a doctor right away - you have to go to the emergency room when there is clearly no emergency. We wanted to just go to one of those "Doc in a Box" clinic places but, gee, there was no listing in the phone book for "Doc in a Box."

So, Husband is at the pharmacy getting his antibiotic drops. When he comes home, I plan to tell him that due to his contagiousness, we can't possible attend this crappy work party of 50 people that I don't even know. If even just one person gets pink eye, everyone will know who gave it to him! Gee, I think he could probably get fired for that, I'll say...

Ah, it's so hard to be a good, supportive corporate wife when you hate people in general.


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