Wednesday, January 10, 2007

From Doughnuts to Bedonkadonks

Hey, an update on the Butt Painter - his can done got him canned from his job as an art teacher at a local high school here. The school claimed it wasn't because of his, ah, artistic style of painting. Yeah, right.

They say it was because of (use your best upper crust accent here), "...the disruption in the classroom." I can't say I buy that since he used an alias and a disguise on his website and video. I guess they mean now that he's been found out, whatevah. I predict he'll become famous, known 'round the globe as the Privates Painter: when you want some really classy art .

Disappointing news from my prior domicile Columbus, OH. In addition to be completely stopped by the Gators Monday night (wha?), now the poor inmates there are losing their doughnuts! Unbelievable - what will they take away next? The county commissioner just nixed a $55,000 annual contract to supply two correctional centers with glazed and jellied. Hmm, I hear Spam is pretty cheap...

Yesterday it was North Dakota; today it's South Dakota. The University of Sioux Falls is offering a dating course called "Finding Dates Worth Keeping." For credit! Meaning, it counts toward graduation credits. Jeebus on a stick, people, why doesn't the college just rename itself "University of Good Times."

I thought maybe we'd advanced since 1960 where the only point of women going to college was thought to be to obtain a "Mrs." degree. PUHlease! Now we're giving lazy ass college students in PJs credit for going to class to talk about their dating histories?

The instructor says, "Some people may think it's a slack course, but...our love relationships impact us more than anything else." Uh huh, I'm so interested to hear how you convince 18 year olds that they want a "relationship" versus a hookup with the hot chick with a nice bedonkadonk ass in Psych 101.

Hey, it's National Delurking Week! Can I get a heeeeeeyyyyyyyyy?


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