Sunday, January 07, 2007

I'll Take One with Blue Eyes and Could You Make Him a Dwarf, too?

Um 'kay, I've read a couple really disturbing stories recently about parents who purposely make their children disabled. I just cannot fathom this; however, I'm not a parent so maybe I'm missing something?

There is a couple in Chicago who have a severely mentally and physically disabled child whose growth they have stunted in order to keep her their "pillow angel." Yup, that's what they call her 'cause, you know, she's 9 years old and isn't any bigger than a pillow.

God help me for wanting to take a baseball bat to their wee small brains. They say if they allow her to grow they wouldn't be able to care for her at home. So, they had her uterus and breast tissue removed and give her large doses of hormones to stop her growth. Wow, I have got to be missing something because supposedly licensed doctors did the operation and prescribed the hormones - how could this be?

And then, another story also in Chicago...hmm, quite a disturbing trend going on there...about intentionally creating disabled babies. Some fertility clinics have actually admitted to helping couples create "made-to-order" babies; just not in the way you would think. Remember after the movie Gattaca (1997, Jude Law, Uma Thurman , Ethan Hawke) when the talk was all about creating so-called "designer" babies with the sex, eye color, hair color, etc., exactly as specified by the would-be parents? Well, what's being talked about now is just the opposite.

A woman who is a dwarf wanted a clinic to "engineer" an embryo so that the resulting baby would also be a Little Person. She actually said, "You cannot tell me that I cannot have a child who's going to look like me. It's just unbelievably presumptuous, and they're playing God."

Wha?? Put down the crack pipe, Lady. WHO are you saying is playing God? 'Cause in my book that would be you. How dare you want to sentence what would be a healthy child to a disabled life because you want it to look like you. Jeebus, go buy a doll. Talk about a selfish nincompoophead. She's now condescended to just adopt a dwarf baby.

But, the fact remains that there ARE clinics who admit to creating disabled embryos for parents who requested them. Why aren't we hearing more about this? Where is the ethical outrage?

Ack, think of the chaos if we all got to play God. Oh wait, let me rephrase, think of the chaos if everyone with enough cash designed their ideal child.


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