Wednesday, January 17, 2007

More Sex Studies!

Got ya with that title didn't I? Can't you just hear Christopher Walken saying, "More cowbell!" now? (You have to watch SNL.)

So, once again some male scientist has taken it upon himself to study sex. "Oh, what a chore, what a bother, but I'll buck up and do it!" he says in a falsetto.

One of the eleventy-four magazines I subscribe to says that a study of global sexual behavior shows that the age for first-time sex hasn't changed much in the past 10 years. Most people lose their virginity between the ages of 15 and 19.

I have to say, I'm surprised it isn't more like ages 14-17. I lost mine at age 17 to my high school boyfriend who was also a virgin. It wasn't really that great. You?

The study goes on to say that there HAS been an increase in premaritial sex - mostly because people are getting married later in life. Hmm, I have to disagree there. I think there would be an increase in premarital sex now vs. 10 years ago whether people were marrying later or not. We're more promiscuous, period. I blame Britney Spears.


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