Monday, January 08, 2007


Just me or is anyone else concerned that buildings have been evacuated in Manhattan due to strong, gas odor of unknown origin and in Austin, TX scores of birds have mysteriously dropped dead in one night?

Yes, yes, I know those two cities are nowhere near each other...but something very strange and sinister seems afoot. Perhaps a plane flew over both cities spewing noxious fumes.

Mayor Boobberg, oh excuse me, Bloomberg, has assured NY citizens that there is nothing to worry about (should they really just take his word for it?) yet at least 7 people have gone to the hospital with "odor-related complaints." Just what exactly is an "odor-related complaint"? If the person next to me on the plane has obviously not showered in this decade, can I go to the hospital with an odor-related complaint? Assuming I have not already been asphixiated and am still alive.

The problem in Manhattan is actually very simple to solve: Donald Trump farted. He'll be calling a press conference about it at 11:00.


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