Sunday, January 21, 2007

Pink Eye Pirate Party

Well, I survived the damn party but now my eye is a little itchy...ACK! I'm totally freaking out. Sheets and towels are a'washing as we speak, uh, blog.

I tried the whole "highly contagious" spiel on my husband but he just gave me that pitying look. You know the one, it goes something like this, "If you'd just shut up, suck it up, and act like a big girl you'll get a lollipop when we get home." Fine, as long as it's a chocolate Tootsie Roll pop (do you lick or bite?). Although he did instruct me NOT to tell anyone he had the 'ol stink eye going.

One lady broke a glass at the party; it was actually the boss's secretary. So happy it wasn't me. She left literally 10 minutes later so you know she was feeling a little embarrassed.

I certainly will take Glenn's suggestion next time and have Husband and I dress as pirates with eye patches and then act surprised no one else is dressed in costume. Argh, mateys!

Unbeknownst to Husband, I did secretly tell everyone he had pink eye and by 10:00 pm everyone was gone! It was like magic. I felt like Harry Potter in drag for a brief moment.

Seriously, everyone but us and 2 other couples had left by 10:00. I thought that was a little strange but of course I was secretly thrilled. I thought I was going to be the next out the door, but SIGH (wipes sweaty brow in dramatic fashion), we stayed another hour.

Listened to a rather entertaining story from the boss about his wife's cousin Jimmy who ripped his nose off on a chain link basketball net. Required 180 stitches to sew it back on. Cool. Dang, forgot to ask if he can still smell...

Highlight of the night? It's a tie between the Amaretto margaritas and the chocolate ganache raspberry-filled cake.


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