Tuesday, January 09, 2007

PJs and School Go Together Like Peanut Butter and Jelly

This just in: Pajamas are no longer acceptable attire at school.

Because, you see, they were before. Yep, at least in North Dakota where student Dusty Holmes says he used to wear pajama bottoms to school because it helped him "stay relaxed" on the days when he had wrestling matches.


First of all, why would you name your child, especially a male, "Dusty?" Good thing he's a wrestler; I assume he can properly defend himself from all the Tom, Dick, and Harry's wanting to kick his ass for having such an asshat name.

Second, so glad school administrators finally wised up that pajamas may not be appropriate school attire. But, they did so only after a teacher complained. What - is it so cold in North Dakota that everyone's brain has frozen and rendered them incapable of logical thought?

Third, hello?? Any parents out there doing any parenting? What parent let's their child go to school in pajamas? We'll let Dusty's parents slide of course, since they're obviously idiots, but what about the other parents that allowed it?


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