Thursday, January 18, 2007

Your Public is Not Waiting

Have you been watching the American Idol auditions? It's the only part of AI that my husband will watch - he's says it's the most entertaining.

Well sure, making fun of people is always entertaining. But, I have to say, I'm starting to feel like I'm in grade school, standing on the sidelines watching a bully beat up some poor kid because his hair is the wrong color.

I know, you're shocked - is this a kinder, gentler Katherine? No, of course not. I blame the parents (you know me, always gotta blame someone). They absolutely know their child cannot sing. Yet, time and time again, they accompany their glass-breaker of a child to the audition and watch his heart get cut out, marinated and eaten with a flourish.

There was this one young boy that I was so bothered by. He really thought he could sing. (Sure, they ALL say that, but you know a lot of them just want their minute on TV.) You could see how he truly felt his life was over, his world crashing down around him, as Simon none too gently told him he shouldn't sing. Ever.

And yes, of course, Simon was correct so I don't understand why a parent would set their child up for such rejection? I know you can't protect him from every harsh situation he will encounter in life, but this? This is easy! "Junior, I know you want to be on American Idol, but right now I don't think your voice is ready. How about taking some lessons before trying out?" See, it's perfect! Then, the hapless voice teacher can be the one to tell him he has no future in singing. He would believe it from an instructor vs. a parent and he won't have to deal with the public humiliation.

Anyway, back to this poor, misguided child. What bothered me so much wasn't even that he stank royally and yet his so-called loved ones still let him audition, but that when he was rejected he came out of the audition screaming that now he would never be "famous." And of course, his mummy was right there to tell him oh sure, oh yes, you will one day be famous.

That's what I have a problem with people! NO!! No, you dingleberry, you probably won't ever be famous - most people aren't. Get a real fucking goal in life. Mom - what the hell are you teaching him?? That being famous is the most important thing in the world?? Where did he come up with that idea? You are failing as a role model, Big Time, Mrs. White Trash.

Teach your boy it's not about being famous. It's about leaving your mark in a positive way, even if it only touches one other soul and no one else knows about it.


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