Thursday, February 22, 2007

All He Was Missing Was the White Horse

Really couldn't let this one go by without commenting--you know I'm no good at restraint and this is just too delicious!

I think people go a little coo coo this time of year in WI. I mean, football is over, they still have about 4 months of winter, and truly, there's only so much cheese you can stuff in your cakehole.

To further set this up, picture a 39-year-old man, James, who still lives with his mama.

So James and mama are watching TV in their apartment when James hears a woman screaming. To him, it sounds like she is being raped. Ever the gallant gentleman willing to rescue a damsel in distress, James kicks in the door to her apartment while brandishing a sword. Yep, a sword.

Much to his dismay, there was no buxom beauty needing rescuing. Instead, his upstairs neighbor was innocently watching some porn in his own living room. James simply heard the female lead in the movie yelling.

When asked why he didn't just call police instead of breaking down his neighbor's door, James admitted that he does not have a phone.

Huh, he's got a sword but not a phone? Gotta love you, Wisconsin, thanks for today's laugh.


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