Saturday, February 24, 2007

How Clear is Your Conscience

In my spare time I sit around thinking about what would be the most horrible way to die. What--you never have morbid thoughts? Sure, and I bet you don't poop either.

I had thought drowning and being burned alive would probably be the worst ways to go, then I read a sinkhole opened up in Guatemala yesterday and swallowed some people. That sounds pretty horrible.

One minute you're standing there talking to pal, maybe making a banal comment about the weather, and then the next minute you're just gone. Vanished. How would you die? Suffocation or maybe asphixiation from all the dirt?

Did you see the Oscar special Thursday night where Nicole Kidman interviewed Russell Crowe? She asked him if he could know when he was going to die, would he want to. He said no, she said that yes, she would.

She said she would want to know because then she could make sure she had a clear conscience. She mentioned a prior close scare she had in a helicopter where she thought she was going to die. She actually said she wasn't that upset or worried and felt it was because her conscience was clear.

I find that pretty interesting. Because you know that some people would want to know when they were going to die in order to know how long they could go out and do bad things. For example, maybe some guy is going to kill his cheating wife on Wednesday, knowing that he'll die on Thursday and never have to answer for it. Of course, I would really hope karma might show up in that situation and somehow avert his death so he'd have to answer for murder both on Earth and in the afterlife.

I would not want to know when I was going to die. I hope I am already letting the people in my life know how I feel about them. I also think the anxiety of waiting would probably kill me before the actual event.

So, any thoughts on what would be the worst way to die? Would you want to know when you were going to die if you could?


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