Friday, February 23, 2007

I Promise To Wait...Until I Feel Like Changing My Mind and Doing It

So, read a seriously disturbing article in Oprah. I know, I know, I hate her (and Disney) for trying to take over the world yet I read her rag, sue me.

The article wasn't meant to be disturbing, but I found it so. Apparently, there is a new trend to throw young teenage girls huge, formal bashes--quite like weddings with the white dress and rings--for pledging that they will abstain from sex until they are married. They're called "purity balls."

Hmm, let me get this straight. I'm 15, and you're telling me you'll throw me a great big party with all my friends, I get to wear a pretty white dress and receive a sparkly ring from my daddy, and all I have to do is tell you what you want to hear? Sure, no problem, then next week or next year when I met The Boy Who is The One, I'm going to screw his brains out without a second thought to some pledge or my parents.

Seriously, am I overreacting? Missing something? How the hell is that going to work? If you don't want your daughter to have sex before she's married, how about just talking to her, and frequently--like every time she eyes a boy--about the consequences. So that when her hormones are raging and her boyfriend is oh so sweetly, or not, pressuring her she'll hear your voice in her head and know exactly how to tell him to handle it himself (pun most certainly intended).

I also found it fascinating that a whopping 88% of the pledgers end up breaking their promise. Shee-it, I could have predicted that. Further, "...teens delayed having their first sexual experience by an average of 18 months." (No percentage of HOW MANY teens wait given.) So, I guess parents have to decide if an extra 18 months of their daughter's viriginity is worth shelling out thousands of dollars for a purity ball. Oh, excuse me, I mean a "I Pledge to Wait An Extra 18 Months" ball.


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