Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Lucky Schmucky

Do you believe in luck?

Or, are you more of the Oprah school, i.e., you create positive opportunites and outcomes for yourself?

I actually believe in luck. I know several people, my husband being one of them, that just always seem to be on the up side of everything. I think some of it is "right timing" and some of it is your attitude. For example, my husband is consistently an optimistic, positive, glass half full kind of guy. Yeah, it's really annoying. Especially for a confirmed pessimist like moi. He seriously just wakes up that way every morning. Kind of like a dog--always happy. And drooling, but that's a different post.

What about that airline pilot in MN who just won the lottery TWO days in a row? It's true! Lottery officials said such a sequence was so farfetched that the odds against it were "virtually incalculable." Cool, dude.

Then you have this chick in Oregon who just won her SECOND brand-new car in nine months while gambling in a casino. Talk about farfetched! Those dang casinos never let you win anything. I bet they've already banned her for life.

Hmm, maybe if I start pretending I'm lucky it will happen...OK, gotta go buy a lottery ticket. Later


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