Thursday, February 08, 2007

Naked Again

Geez, what is up with the naked obsession??

Now Christina Aguilera claims she and her husband have instituted "Naked Sundays" where they do everything naked. Hmm, I hope her staff gets the day off.

She dropped this little tantalizing tidbit during an interview with Ellen DeGeneres. "You have to keep mariage alive, spice it up," says the blonde hoochie. Really? 'Cause she's only been married for about 14 months so why aren't things still spicy? She's practically a newlywed. Oh wait, I forgot...Hollywood, celebrity, idiot...14 months is really like 7 years, right? Guess she was getting the 'ol itchy twitchy.

She also let Ellen know that Naked Sundays include naked cooking. DeGeneres warned her to be careful of grease splatters to which Christina Slutilera replied, "Well, unless you want the grease." Oooh, you're such a bad, bad girl!


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