Friday, February 02, 2007

Wack Job

Riddle me this...

Am I wacked or is the volume of popular shows such as CSI and Grey's Anatomy purposely ridiculously low, causing one to turn the volume to twice the level other shows are normally watched at?

So then, when the commercials air the volume is so freakin' high it causes one's (hypothetically speaking, of course) Cosmo to go down the wrong way due to being scared shitless by the hyperactive loser local car salesman screaming in one's ear.

One might even have to give half-hearted kudos to the ad companies since I'm sure they are behind this evil volume conundrum. In revenge, I vow to buy nothing that is ever advertised on tv. So there! That'll show 'em. No more Taco Bell Gorditas for me!

Just asking. Oh, and I know what you're thinking so let me rephrase that to, "Am I more wacked (than usual) or is the volume..."


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