Monday, March 26, 2007

Blogging Buddy

What a weekend!

I met a blogging buddy in real life, how cool is that? You probably already read her blog as she is very popular...I met Carmen of "Gone to Plaid" and her delightful feline "Pooh." Both were utterly charming and Carmen is a tiny little thing; her pictures don't do her justice. Be sure to go over to Carmen's as she posted some great pics of Pooh playing with the catnip mouse I brought him.

Carmen and I put these really cool decals on a wall in her house. They look just like painted stencils so people will think you spent hours on them. We had a great lunch at an outdoor shopping mall--good people watching, and did a little a shopping.

So, once again my husband was wrong since Carmen turned out to be neither an axe murderer or man masquerading as a woman.

Has anyone else met a blogging friend?


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