Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Dancing With the Ding Dongs

Not sure if you're aboard the trainwreck that is "Dancing With the Stars," but I simply cannot look away no matter how much my husband complains--loudly and bitterly--about being forced to watch the show.

I really have no sympathy for him, seeing how little some of the ladies wear to dance on that show. And indeed, he did have to make the obligatory smary comment about why don't I wear an outfit like that. When I informed him that they cost thousands of dollars his brilliant reply was to just get one without all the sequins. Yep, sure, that's what I'm going to do for you, honey, I'll just zip in to Target tomorrow and pick up one whore-to-go outfit.

Anyway, just had to mention two of the best one-liners that I've heard in a while. The Italian judge Bruno cracks me up every show with his outrageous accent and affect. He was in fine form last night, telling still stunning supermodel Paulina Portapotty, "You are dinner, lunch, AND breakfast at Tiffany's!" Get it? Really, I thought that was quite clever.

But my favorite came from former NBA star, 6'7" Clyde "The Glide" Drexler, who referred to the height difference between himself and his 5'4" co-star like this: "If the moves are tight, you won't notice the height." Come on, that's smoooooooooth!

What was with Ian Zeiring's intro bit? You know, with the self-important posing by his supposed to impress the little people convertible? I hope he was trying to be self-deprecating. But, probably not when he actually had the balls to say, "I'm probably best known for 90210." Huh, ya think? 'Cause if you've done anything else since then, America has missed it. I thought he danced well, though.

I also like Apolo Anton Ohno. 1) Because dang, that is one cool ass name and, 2) I saw him win gold medals in the past 2 winter olympics--very impressive.

Am I the only one that thought former beauty pageant winner Shandi Poo was a little too full of herself? I liked when judge Bruno called her on the fake smiling throughout the entire routine, to which she continued to fake smile at him.

Who do you like?


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