Thursday, March 22, 2007

Dropping Albums and Acid

OK! I think we are all done with whore-to-go outfits and boob glitter. Such fun while it lasted.

Richmond, VA (where I live) pretty much shut down yesterday as homeboy and former American Idol contestant Elliot Yamin was in town for his album dropping. (dropping = me using hep language.)

Dude has got hair out to HERE! Oh, you can't see my hands. Trust me, he's got the big white boy 'fro working. And AGAIN with the 10-year-old girls crying!! WTF people. This has seriously got to stop as it has rocketed into the top 5 on my Annoyance Scale.

I mean, I can totally understand all the girls crying and carrying on in the '60s with the Beatles and the Monkees as those groups were 1) Actually good, and 2) Everybody was dropping acid. So in actuality, all the crying and carrying on was due to some major hallucinatory tripping.

Remember all the psychedelic colors in the '60s and '70s? All a result of clothing designers trying to visualize their hallucinations via clothes. There are probably several books and scholarly articles on this very phenomenon, but I don't have time to research it for you today. I'll get back to you.

One more thing, do you think it's a coinkydinky that albums and acid are both "dropped"? Just sayin'.

Annoyance Scale (Subject to change daily)
  1. Asshat drivers. Especially minivan drivers on cell phones--you so know who you are.
  2. 10-year-old girls who cry for no reason, i.e., because bad singers who are so cute will never make their fantasies come true.
  3. My husband not being able to master cleaning the kitchen counters. How hard is it? We have a rule, I make the dinner, you clean the counters. The world will explode if you keep failing to clean the fucking counters.
  4. Anna Nicole, Howard K., Larry, Dannielynn, and assorted alleged fathers of Dannielynn--enough already!
  5. Flaky, pie-crusty friends.
  6. Tell me yours.


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