Monday, March 19, 2007

Flaky Friends

Gah! Please tell me I am not the only one with flaky friends!

I'm thinking "flaky" is the correct spelling, not "flakey" because they aren't a piecrust, right?

I think I am a pretty kickass friend; I'm loyal to the core. If I say I'm going to do something, be somewhere, whack someone for ya, I WILL. So how is it that one of my best friends is a big non-committer?

Says she'll come for the weekend and then cancels, somehow forgetting she has invited a bunch of people over to her house for a barbecue that weekend. See, I don't get how that can happen, especially if you own a calendar. Of course, I am a tad anal and would already have the menu planned at that point.

Yet, when she suggests the following weekend I just nod dumbly. I feel like I'm a big, goofy labrador retriever and she's the pretty, prissy poodle. Everything is fine with a lab! You want to go on a walk? Yes, so do they! You want to plant flowers? Why, they were just going to suggest a roll in the grass outside! You want a snack? It's always their favorite time to eat!

Hmm, OK perhaps I got a smidge off track there; comparing my friend to a poodle, but I don't think I did well with metaphors in English class.

Which reminds me of high school--did you know they still sell those Biore nose strips that are supposed to pull out all the blackheads on your nose? Crazy! Let me tell ya, they also rip off some skin. I guess that's the "exfoliating" part. I just like looking at the strip afterward for evidence that the icky gunk that was in my skin is now out. Who can resist looking? Anyway, save your money, my icky gunk is still on my nose.


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