Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Here's Your Sign


Some days you can just predict how the day will go. Like when you take your dog for his morning walk, squat down to retrieve his poo like the good citizen that you are, and find your poo bag has a huge hole in it.

Major malaise lately...maybe it's just that I'm sick of hearing about Anna Nicole, Britney Spears, and American Idol when our soldiers are trying to heal in disgusting, mold-covered rooms at Walter Reed Hospital. Are we letting them down or what? Unbelievable.

I did get a laugh when it came out that pompous blowhard Newt Gingrinch admitted to an extramarital affair while he was leading the impeachment charge against President Clinton for having sex with "that woman" in the Oval Office and lying about it. But of course, he's the much better man because he didn't lie to the American people about his nookie. Really? I consider the sin of omission a lie, asshat.

Anyway, what's your sign that your day is going down the crapper?


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