Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Chocolate Christ vs. Chocolate Satan

So dad-snorter Keith Richard's publicist is now saying Keith made the whole "I snorted my Dad's ashes" thing up. It was all a big joke, people! Riiiiight. Can't risk grossing out any fans who might be willing to fork over the moolah for a Rolling Stones album. Can you say "damage control?"

With Easter fast approaching, I thought I would mention just one of the many reasons I'm not a practicing Catholic anymore. I don't usually discuss religion in my blog; don't want to attract the wackos, you know. There, now I've offended everyone so no one will be offended by my upcoming diatribe. Just try to argue with that logic.

"This is an assault on Christians during Holy Week." That is a quote from Catholic League (wth is that??) spokeswoman Kiera McCaffrey, on "My Sweet Lord," an art exhibit that protrayed the crucification of Jesus Christ as a sculpture made of chocolate. The exhibit was later canceled.

So, there you have it: Reason #243 that I no longer attend Catholic mass every Sunday. The Catholics have totally lost their sense of humor.

Seriously, I'm quite annoyed that this Catholic League has so much clout they can get what appears to be a completely harmless exhibit canceled. The nerve! It was a chocolate Lord you asshats. Now, maybe I could understand their nervousness if it had been a chocolate Satan...(See, that's called a sense of humor.)

There could have been a really cool battle between chocolate Christ and chocolate Satan. Maybe a few smaller chocolate angels thrown in to ensure Christ's victory in a battle to the death. Last one with a morsel left wins!

So here's my thinking, once Catholic priests stop molesting children and those that did in the past are actually prosecuted, I will return to the church. My not going doesn't mean I'm not spiritual, just not interested in embracing hypocrisy.


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