Thursday, April 19, 2007

If You Are Not a Dog, Don't Call Me

Shocked my blog is still here after I abandoned it for days on end.

I just got annoyed with people in general. Not at all unusual for me as most of my close friends know I really do not care for people. Whether it is people in general, people named "Sanjaya" (buh-bye), or asshat people that feel they have the right to shoot others because of their own fucked up-ness, I am truly annoyed with them all.

First, what the hell NBC? I know you feel all special that a murderer chose you to receive his "multi-media package," but guess what? That doesn't mean you should publish his woeisme "it's me against the world" pity party ramblings. Forget him. Who cares about him; he is just not important. Focus your attention where it should be. GAH

Second, thank you 12-year-old teeny bopper girls and gay guys everywhere who did not vote for Sanjaya and his universe on American Idol this week. Of course, now I have to boycott every talk show and entertainment "news" show that you will popping up on daily for the next flippin' month, Sanjujubee.

Third, stop calling me. You know who you are. I am sick of the phone ringing; I am sick of talking to you, and you, and you. The phone rang 4 bleeping times in 10 minutes yesterday. That is just not acceptable. I don't like talking on the phone, most of all, to people. I would be more than happy to listen to a dog breathe on the phone, so if you are not a dog, don't call me.


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