Friday, April 13, 2007

Prosthetic Legs and Ultrasounds

Seems to me I haven't "infotained" you lately with an "I'm an Idiot" true crime story...

In CA, a man named Gregory Daniels and a friend stole an ATM from a store by breaking into the store, wrapping a chain around the ATM, and using their pickup truck to rip it out of the floor. It worked! Smart, so far.

But, the police were on to them and chased the truck onto a deadend street. Poor Greggy's friend deserted him by fleeing. Police found Greg on the ground, trying to flee. However, he was unsuccessful as his prosthetic leg fell off. Hmm, you'd think he would have strapped that puppy on tight before a crime spree. You wouldn't see Heather Mills making that kind of amateur mistake.

I also read an interesting article out of SC today. The state Senate there just dropped a measure from an abortion bill that would have required women to review an ultrasound image of her fetus before terminating pregnancy. Niiiiiiiice. Gee, do you think that state Senate is made of up primarily of men? I do.

Who else would come up with the humilating idea to force a woman to see an ultrasound of her baby prior to having an abortion?

I do not want to start any kind of pro life/pro choice debate here, just saw this article and really couldn't believe people could come up with this barbaric of an idea in the 21st century. The measure was dropped from the bill after the state attorney general informed lawmakers it would be illegal for the state to force a women to view an ultrasound image.

Seems to me if measures such as this actually become legal, what's next? What choices are then deemed illegal and taken away? It does make me wonder about the whole Don Imus situation with regard to freedom of speech. I'm actually glad he got fired because I think he's a complete ass, as well as racist and chauvinistic, but was his freedom of speech wrongly silenced? I'm thinking no, because doesn't his employer have the right to hire/fire whomever they want? Thoughts?

In the end, maybe it's not a question of freedom of speech but of not wanting to employ an asshat anymore.


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