Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Dueling Asshats

So, if I were to tell you a man was just shot in a real-life duel, what state comes to mind?

You probably don't need any clues, but let me add that an argument involving ATVs (all terrain vehicles) led to the duel. What's your guess now?

OK, last clue...the two dueling men were related because Dueler A's mom married Dueler B's brother who was her cousin because his Dad married his first cousin three times removed after she was first married to Dueler A's uncle Jim Bob.

Yeah, OK, that last clue may not be true. I mean, that relationshipp wasn't actually spelled out in the newspaper article, but I was able to make an educated guess based on the state the duelers were from. Yes, I know I'm being nasty but this is new information to you why?

Tune in tomorrow for the revealing of the state! I'm sure you already guessed it, but I'm practicing for my own reality show, "Stupid is As Stupid Does" and it seems to be a requirement that the show must drag on for 2 days each week and include lots of fluff-type filler.

I have sent away for both my required host whore costume, complete with sparkles, spangles, AND beads, as well as my in-home Magik Spray Tan Gunk which is guaranteed to make my skin eleventy-five shades darker. My appointment with a cosmetic dentist for veneers, porcelain overlays, bleaching, and straightening is Thursday. Too much?


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