Tuesday, May 01, 2007

To Tell or To Not To Tell?

Dum dah dum dah...dilemma time. I need advice, people.

I'm still rolling around with the dogs here.

The friends with the yappy Chihuahua I watched last Saturday are visiting in 3 weeks. They will bring the demon dog.

The dilemma is, do I tell my friend that the last two times her dog has visited I have found pee on my carpet afterward? Now, I can't guarantee it was her dog, but I know if wasn't mine (because he was with me.) But, I can't say for sure it wasn't one of my two cats, but they have never ever not used their litter box. Which leads me to conclude the obvious. It was this uber bratty dog marking his territory.

I think that because it was a small amount, not like he really had to go and couldn't hold it. And, the first time it was in MY bedroom which is clearly my dog's domain. The second time it was on the third floor which is clearly the cats' domain (litter box and their food).

See, if I tell her about the peeing, I know somehow it will backfire and she just won't visit. I don't mean she won't bring the dog with her, oh no, she just won't come in some sort of bizarre passive-aggressive thing that will somehow turn out to be my fault.

Being a dog lover myself, I can understand not wanting to leave your dog in a kennel. I have never done that with my own dog because he came from a rescue organization and was in a small, concrete kennel for a year. But, I have hired pet sitters to come in 3 times a day to take care of him.

My friend has taken her dog to kennels before, but now doesn't want to anymore because she feels bad leaving her dog there. How can I argue with that? And, she insists she cannot find a pet sitter in her area. She has called several and they either don't call her back or something or other. She actually had one she used twice and then that person moved.

Gah! So, what to do??


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