Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Hello Bitches!

Hello? Anyone still there?

Wow, that was quite a break, huh?

I took a couple weeks off to:

A) Go on a $$$ shopping spree in NYC.
B) Go trek up a mountain in Washington.
C) Check myself into rehab for Grey Goose overdosing.

Crap, none of the above. The real story is much less interesting. I was wallowing in self-pity, unable to contemplate anything but the two stupid Asshat Corp. functions I have to host with husband that are coming up. Maybe I'll at least have stories as entertaining as the lecherous Norwegian dude experience a la the Swedish Embassy Escapade of 2007 to share. No more boob tape, though. I call for a ban on boob tape!

The Grey Goose program does not seem to be working. May have to switch to Prozac...I'll keep ya posted. Suggestions welcome.

I'll stop by and say "hi" soon. I've missed you guys!

Oh, P.S., you know I wasn't really calling you a bitch, right? That "Hello Bitches" phrase is from a hilarious Dave Chappelle episode guest starring Wayne Brady as a pimp.